milk and butter

The beautiful South African countryside with its rolling hills, wide-open spaces and fresh air, is the perfect place to produce top quality dairy products. This combination of elements enriches our products, offering consumers freshness and overall health and wellness. We share the passion and dedication of our South African farmers. Their commitment and professionalism allows us to have a constant supply of creamy, nutrient-rich milk that is transformed into the diversity of dairy based products. We are able to export and satisfy our customers around the world.



South Africa’s most loved cheese is Gouda and Cheddar, but there are all sorts of varieties being produced locally. We can source and deliver whatever our customers desire, from processed cheeses to soft or hard cheese, they can be pre-packed in sliced or round options.


flavoured and long life yoghurt

From the plain, traditional yoghurt to the long life (no refrigeration required), our products cover a wide range of needs and tastes. Catering for kids as well as adults, we deliver our customers’ favourite brands from South Africa to the world.